Dentist or a Denturist Which Should I Choose?

The mission of dentistry is to try to help patients maintain and restore their original teeth in good health for as long as is possible.

Both dentists and denturists can make dentures to replace missing teeth, therefore many patients are not sure who to first consult with; a dentist or denturist. To understand the answer to this question, we should start with definitions of each position and area of responsibility and accreditation.


A Denturist (in Canada and U.S.) is a certified dental technician and a member of the oral health care team who provides an oral health examination, takes impressions of the surrounding oral tissues, constructs and delivers removable oral prosthesis (dentures to replace all teeth when no teeth are present and partial dentures to replace teeth when some natural teeth are still present) directly to the patient.

A Denturist, unfortunately is not qualified to diagnose any problems on teeth or perform any form of treatment to any teeth or gum tissues. While they are still capable of making excellent dentures in some situations, the inability to diagnose and treat many conditions limits their ability to make dentures in certain situations. In these situations, the patient would need to first consult a dentist.

A Dentist (in Canada and the U.S.) is also known as a ‘dental surgeon’, and a qualified health care practitioner that specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and conditions of the oral cavity.

A Dentist is qualified to diagnose and administer all dental treatments including dentures. A dentist can determine which teeth are healthy enough to be saved, and which teeth can be used to anchor and hold partial dentures. Dentists can also repair teeth to prepare them to support a partial denture, and remove any teeth which are not salvageable, with the goal of providing the patient with the best long-term prognosis for their teeth and dentures.

So in the end, both a dentist and a denturist really have the same goal in mind: taking care of your oral health and making sure you have a great smile. While only the dentist can prepare the foundation for the fabrication of successful dentures, both dentist and denturist can be excellent at providing the final phase of tooth replacement which is the fabrication of the final denture. The choice between the two is really up to you the patient and what your goals are in terms of maintaining some of your existing teeth.