Office Visits

If you are a busy professional or busy owner, let our staff know if you are in a rush and we can work to accommodate your schedule where possible. If you have questions, please ask – we’d be happy to help.

What to bring on your first dentist visit

We can’t wait to meet you, so bring your smile and remember to bring these documents with you as well:

  • An updated list of medications taken
  • If you have any dental insurance, bring an updated insurance card along with identification
  • Any type of prosthesis (denture) or appliance (night guard etc.) that you may be having difficulty
  • A list of concerns that you have for your teeth

What to expect on your first visit to the dentist office:

  • A thorough oral examination of all teeth, gums, soft tissues (cheek, tongue etc.), full or partial dentures (if applicable)
  • Complete review of any pertinent historical dental records
  • X rays
  • Discussion about your oral health concerns
  • Discussion about any unusual symptoms
  • Discussion about your “wish list” for your teeth and smile
  • Design a treatment plan based on your specific situation. You will be an active participant in deciding what treatment plans suit you best