Teeth Fillings

What are fillings?

When a part of a tooth has decay (commonly known as cavity), it is soft and this decay needs to be cleaned out or removed by the dentist. Once the decay is removed, part of the tooth is missing or has a hole in it. A filling replaces this missing tooth structure.

Many fillings materials exist, including tooth-colored composite resin, mercury amalgam, and gold.

Teeth Filling Procedure:

  • Dentist applies anesthesia to the area of the tooth and gum.
  • Dentist removes the damaged portion of the tooth.
  • Dentist will fill the tooth and sculpt it to look like a natural tooth again.

Teeth Filling Benefits:

  • Teeth Filling is one of the most predictable procedures in dentistry.
  • Restores a decayed tooth in one visit.
  • Pain free during and after the procedure.
  • Both modern materials (bonded composite resin) and more than century old materials provide excellent long-term durability.
  • When using composite resin, fillings are very esthetic and imperceptible.
  • Cost effective.