Tooth Extractions

What are Tooth Extractions?

  • When a part of a tooth has decay (commonly known as a cavity), it is soft and this decay needs to be cleaned out and removed by the dentist.
  • Once the decay is removed, part of the tooth is missing or has a hole in it. A filling replaces this missing tooth structure.
  • Many filling materials exist, including tooth-coloured composite resin, mercury amalgam, and gold.

Tooth Extraction Procedure:

  • The Dentist will use a numbing solution on the nerves of the tooth to eliminate the stress and pain of the extraction.
  • The patient may feel pressure but no pain during the brief procedure.

Tooth Extraction Benefits:

  • Cost effective treatment of dental abscesses, painful teeth, severe cavities
  • Is done comfortably in one short visit
  • In conjunction with orthodontic treatment (braces), extractions can help alleviate severe crowding of teeth
  • Removes a hopeless tooth to make way for an implant or bridge